Online Course Schedule April & May 2020

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Learn to dance in a scaffolding method, with technique and focus. Courses will focus on goals one course at a time. Each course will build on a pre-requisite, although, it is not required to take previous course before the next level. Dancers will have shorter, more convenient classes which will increase ability to focus, and move skills from short-term memory, to long-term memory.

Please note that all course times are listed in MST.

April 2020 Courses: Mondays & Wednesdays; April 15th, 20th, 22nd, 27th & 29th

$20 USD Primary Highland Basics A--------------------------------3:20-3:30 PM; (Preschool)

$25 USD Beg. Highland Basics A-------------------------------------3:00-3:15 PM; (Elementary)

$30 USD Ballet/Highland-Turn-Out ----------------------------------3:35-3:55 PM; (OPEN)

$30 USD Ballet/Highland/Yoga-Core Strength -------------------4:00-4:25 PM; (OPEN)

$30 USD Highland Tech.-Extension High Cuts ------------------4:30-4:50 PM; (OPEN)

$25 USD Ballet/Pointe/Highland-Arch Strength -----------------4:55-5:10 PM; (OPEN)

$30 USD Acrobatic Dance-Hand Balancing & Headstands---5:15-5:35 PM; (OPEN)

$40 USD Flexibility-Hamstrings ---------------------------------------5:40-6:20 PM; (OPEN)

May 2020 Courses: Mondays & Wednesdays; May 4th, 6th, 11th, 13th & 18th

$20 USD Primary Ballet A------------------------------------------------3:20-3:30 PM; (Preschool)

$25 USD Ballet Foundations A-----------------------------------------3:00-3:15 PM; (Elementary)

$30 USD Ballet Barre-Fondu --------------------------------------------3:35-3:55 PM; (OPEN)

$30 USD Ballet Allegro-Petit --------------------------------------------4:00-4:25 PM; (OPEN)

$30 USD Ballet Adagio-Penche ----------------------------------------4:30-4:50 PM; (OPEN)

$25 USD Ballet/AcroDance-Extensions -----------------------------4:55-5:10 PM; (OPEN)

$40 USD Flexibility-Hip Openers --------------------------------------5:15-5:55 PM; (OPEN)

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